From 1970, within the Company where he was working, Jacques Roulland was in charge of trade and technical relationship with asbestos-cement manufacturers, first in France and soon after in Germany and Spain. From 1992, he entirely devoted himself to this activity on four continents, thus acquiring a true knowledge of the fibrecement industry, including its technics and prob-lems.
Once retired, he published a first book, “Cofpa, 4 companies and a wedding”, telling the history of the Company where he spent 34 years. This book met a local success. Backed by this first experi-ence, with some recklessness, he took up into a wider and tougher subject: Asbestos-Cement, now Fibre-Cement Industry, spread worldwide over some 120 years. He knows how this activity is den-igrated in spite of having supplied roof, water de-livery and sewerage to millions of families in so many countries. Incidentally, he tells us about as-bestos cement mines and the unexpected links be-tween Arts, Architecture and Fibre-Cement.
Such is the topic he passionately develops, with the essential help of formers customers, lots of whom turned into friends, who trusted him with their memories and archives.